DIY: How to Make Training Underpants -Quick and Easy!

This is definitely NOT the most glamorous thing I've ever sewn, but so practical!  

Materials: toddler underware, Gerber cloth diapers, sewing machine, serger


1. Wash the underwear and the cloth diapers.

2. Fold the cloth diaper hamburger (vs hotdog) ways into thirds.  Cut on your folds so you have three equal pieces.

3.  Serge the raw edges of the cloth diaper.  If you don't have a serger try a zig zag stitch along the raw edge OR in the next step fold the raw edges into the middle and place raw edges down so they are secured underneath.

4. Fold the diaper in half and position in the underpants.  For boys, I make the more absorbent part towards the front of the diaper. Using a 2.5-3.0 straight stitch, sew around all four sides.  Done!

I made six of these in about 30 minutes.  They don't absorb everything, but they're a lot better than nothing!  I have six of these now, and I'm going to need more!  Let me know if this was helpful to you! Happy Sewing!