Featuring Your Kids' Work

I wanted to write a little about what I did with the recent white board project my kids made at Home Depot and also decided to share my philosophy on how I feature my kids' artwork.  

So, I took the Home Depot white boards, added Command (R) picture hanging velcro strips and put them on the doors in my house!  Now when visitors come the will know which one is the bathroom!  

I think they look great and I get to show off my kids' painting skills!  (OK I did help AJ and CJ a little by painting a base coat of orange and red on the front of theirs.)  It's a shame nobody can see the back!  All the signs are hung at eye level and C can still reach hers when she stands on a stool.

In regards to featuring my kids' artwork I have a long clothesline-style string I hung in the hallway.  All of C's artwork goes up there and as you can see sometimes there are three or four pages on one clothespin!  TIP: As soon as your child makes/brings home a piece of work put the date on it!!!

When I feel there is no more space on the clothesline I take down all the papers in the back and just leave the one in the front.  Then I sort through them all and just keep my favorite ones.  The rest go into the trash when the kids aren't looking!  So far I have about a one-inch stack of all C's work.  


I think it's thick enough now that I am ready to take it all down to the copy center where I plan to re-size them and bind them into a book!  I'll let you know how it goes!




What I love about this plan is that the artwork stays mostly contained and I still plan on keeping some pieces in an organized and concise fashion.  I don't know what to do about all the 3D art that's sure to start next year in kindergarten.  Do you have a way to maintain your kids' 3D artwork?