One thing I just love about my twins at this age (2 yo) is how amazing they think everything is.  Every time they see a truck or hear an airplane, they point with excitement, their faces just glowing "Truck! Truck! Truck!" "Ah-plane! Ah-plane!" Never mind if it's actually a bus or a helicopter.  They are so excited and can't wait for Mommy to share in their excitement too.  They go on and on until I reciprocate their excitement, "Yes, good ears!  Its an airplane!".  "Wow" is a common word in their vocabulary.  They like to watch the garbage truck come, they like to flush the toilet, they like to chase leaves blowing in the wind.  There's a hole in their shoe... "Wow!" They see a new playground, a big waves comes, they throw the ball high in the air, "Wow!".  

As a high school teacher, I know how hard it is to impress older kids.  You make something explode right in front of them and they barely bat an eye.  I'm convinced that one of the reasons teenagers get into so much trouble is because they have lost their sense of wonder.  Nothing impresses them anymore and so they have to find other things that will capture their attention.  Many of them don't know how to have clean, honest fun.  The innocent games like capture the flag or "funny bunny" (remember that one) are just not enough.  It would require embracing immaturity and not worrying about appearances.  And as we all know, appearances can be everything, especially at that age.  

How can we work a sense of wonderment into our lives?  We are incredibly complex creatures who are "fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14. I challenge all of us to stop taking things for granted and to try and see things from a toddler's point of view.  I mean, it really is amazing how airplanes can fly.  For practice, I order you to hold up a piece of paper, drop its and say, "Wow!"

P.S. My 4 yo also has a sense of wonder, but it's more like, "Mommy, why is oil wet?" To which I reply,  "I don't know sweetie, you'll have to ask God when you get to heaven."  

P.P.S Potty training is going great!  Boys are almost completely diaper free!

WOW Moments