Is Mommy Ready?

My twins just turned two less than a month ago, and two days ago for the first time AJ used the potty!  We went diaper-less before nap and bed yesterday and both AJ and CJ went in the potty!  AJ is a little better than CJ.  He had his diaper on and asked to use the potty instead... BUT CJ used the potty all on his own while I was making breakfast this morning!  I can't believe how fast they're growing! If I had a nickel for every time I've heard/said "They grow so fast..." but it's true!!   Mommy isn't ready!  I even took a quiz, "Is It Time to Start Potty Training?" and the answer was Yes!  I wan't sure how to feel.  A part of me wants to keep them in diapers so that they can always be my babies, but the sensible part of me knows that if I wait too long then it will just be harder to potty train later.  I've learned my lesson about waiting too long...

 See the potty in the background?  They love to sit on the potty so that they don't have to go to bed!

See the potty in the background?  They love to sit on the potty so that they don't have to go to bed!

***Side note: I definitely waited too long to move the boys into their own bedroom.  They stayed in our room until they were almost one.  I think this is the reason that the boys still wake in the middle of the night.  My older daughter, C, was sleeping though the night by the time she was nine months old.  Since the boys were still in our room at nine months, when I would hear them crying I would inevitable get up and feed them.  It is very hard to ignore or "pause" when the crying baby is in the same room as you.  Note to all other parents out there: Move the baby into his/her own room before they turn nine months old!!!***

So despite the fact that Mommy isn't ready, the boys are, and so potty training begins!   I potty trained C in three days and I hope to do the same with the boys.  The key is to get rid of the diapers except for naps and bedtimes and to stay home and just focus on potty training.  The weekend isn't good because we are always out and about and Daddy had work off on Monday so we will plan on really starting on Tuesday.  

C is growing up too!  She loves to go out on dates.  No, not what you're thinking.  She loves Mommy-Daughter dates, Daddy-daughter dates, Aunty and Uncle dates too!  She says the funniest things too.  Yesterday she said to Uncle Nick, "Stand up so I can see how high I come next to you!" "I'm stronger than you, try not to sit down (while I push you)!"  Since we got back from Oregon we've enrolled her full-time in preschool.  I emailed the preschool director asking if she thought C was ready for full time preschool and her answer was, "she is ready to be here...are the parents/grandparents ready to let her go?"  Eek!  Am I holding her back?  Is she really ready? When she's gone I do miss her.  But when I ask her, it seems like she enjoys school, she just doesn't like to stay for her nap because they make all the kids lie down.  I'll try not to cave and let her come home for naps.  

Do you have any advice on letting go of your kids gracefully or any good books to read?  I'd love to know!