Inspired by Aloha


Aloha and Welcome!

My name is April.  I recently decided to change the business to teaching sewing instead of sewing items for purchase.  Now I can combine my love of teaching with my love of sewing.  

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Why I Do What I Do

Being a stay at home mother of three is such a blessing and I am so grateful for my husband and amazing Daddy for working so hard to make it possible.   I love to teach.  I recently started homeschooling our 5-year old and I teach a Junior High Bible study.  Sewing classes combines my love of teaching with my love of sewing and creating.


Life in Paradise

I grew up in Medford, Oregon and moved to Oahu with the intent to only stay for a year. But God intervened one day nine years ago when I met and fell in love with Chris.  Our family loves to fish, play outside or at the beach, surf (just mommy) and hang out with family.